Highlights from the 2019 STS&P Exhibition

From Monday to Wednesday, the Xank team participated in the 2019 STS&P Exhibition that took place at Suwon Convention Center. Since the exhibition’s theme was smart technology for achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Xank’s booth and presentation were more geared towards the Xank Treasury and the use of the Treasury’s funds to battle pollution, discriminations, oppression, consumption, as well as the allocation of resources to support SDGs.

Our booth, adjacent to that run by our friends at Ethereum Classic
Ryu delivers his presentation before the crowd

A usable cryptocurrency will be game changing in decentralized finance, but the potential of a public blockchain is so much more than that. We believe Xank can have a positive social impact in addition to its functionality as a cryptocurrency. That is why 15% of the Xank coin emission will be allocated to eliminating the core problems listed above that stand between us and our well-being. You can learn more about how we intend to accomplish this task by watching the video presentation below:

As we embark on this journey for a better world, we hope to accomplish as many Sustainable Development Goals as we can.


Marketing director at xank.io.

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