The world's first stable transaction coin

Xank is the world’s first free-floating cryptocurrency with stable transactions and investment value. It’s like the money we use today – but better.

Digital Money

Xank is a decentralized, stable, private, and scalable cryptocurrency that is set to be the next evolution of money.

Stablecoin Functionality

Xank achieves stablecoin functionality (think Tether, USDC) when you want it to.

Free-floating Nature

Xank is a free-floating cryptocurrency with investment value, like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Stable transactions at your command

Xank is the only cryptocurrency that works like a stablecoin while having investment value. Xank’s unique Stable Pay feature allows you to spend, send, and hold the free-floating Xank cryptocurrency as a price stable currency. With Xank, you truly do get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Not your typical stablecoin

Xank is a free-floating cryptocurrency

  • Unpegged
  • Investment Value
  • Price Action

Xank’s price goes up and down, much like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. The market forces of supply and demand determine the price of the Xank coin, giving it potential investment value.

On-demand stable transactions

Xank functions as a stablecoin

  • When you send money
  • Pay for goods and services
  • Hold your assets

You no longer have to worry about price fluctuations when you send money, buy a donut, or simply hold onto your assets. This is all made possible through Xank’s built-in on-demand price stabilization feature called Stable Pay.

A decentralized, open source cryptocurrency

Features that define Xank

Self-funding Reserve

Xank’s self-funding, autonomous Reserve enables Stable Pay transactions by calibrating transactions to the IMF SDR rate.

Masternodes & Staking

Xank has redesigned masternodes to make it more fair for everyone. Also, anyone with a minimum of 1 Xank coin is eligible for staking.

Meritocratic Governance

Xank implements a merit-based governance model that follows after Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater idea meritocracy.

Self-funding Treasury

Xank is more than just a cryptocurrency. The Xank Treasury funds your ideas for making the world a better place.

Simulated Peg to the IMF SDR

Stable Pay transactions are “pegged” to the IMF SDR rate to maintain a fixed fiat value.

Extreme Volatility Safeguard

Xank implements a safeguard mechanism to protect the network in the event of extreme price volatility.

Decentralized open source cryptocurrency

Xank Use Cases

Xank is a cryptocurrency you can use for everyday transactions. Stable Pay allows you to send money to a relative overseas, complete a business transaction, or accept a payment at your grocery store. In addition to its many use cases, Xank has investment value as a cryptocurrency, so it truly is the ideal money.

  • Send money to a friend
  • Pay for goods & services
  • Accept Xank as a form of payment
  • Facilitate business transactions
  • Hold as an investment
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