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First Deflationary Stablecoin

Extended Bank of The Future

Deflationary stablecoin

Xank ® is unique in that it’s the only Stable Cryptocurrency without losing deflationary investment benefits.

Idea & social meritocracy

We don’t think just having more money invested makes you a good Netizen to make the right decisions.

Phone number-based
universal wallet.

All you need is a phone number to send and receive money anywhere in the world with sharing capabilities.

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Why Xank?

Xank is the first DAO treasury-backed stability-guaranteed cryptocurrency.

IMF SDR Stability

Xank ® Protocol will be utilizing IMF SDR (Special Drawing Rights) for stability of Xank Coins.

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Self-Funding Model

Method for allocating funds from the block rewards to projects that support the network.

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Idea & Social Meritocracy

Idea and Social Meritocracy consensus model will ultimately lead us to best governance for the whole economy.

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The Team

The People behind all this

Oh Jung Ki (Claudio)


Serial Entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience. Founded Glocal Page and Attended University of Pennsylvania with M.S.E. degree.

Kim Ryu Hyun (Ryan)


Serial Entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience. Founded Hycom Data Communications Inc. and Listed it on Kosdaq as ticker symbol 048540.


Who Want to Change the World
Fu Ming
Fu Ming, Legal Advisor, China

Lawyer and Professor with 20+ years of experience. Senior partner at Fortunit Law and Attended Wuhan and Xiamen University with Ph.D. degree.

Taguchi Yoshitaka
Taguchi Yoshitaka, Senior Advisor, Japan

Technology sector insider with 30+ years of experience. Former VP of EDS Japan and CEO of Gartner Japan and Attended Tokyo University of Science with M.E. degree.

Choi Sung Ho
Choi Sung Ho, Legal Advisor, South Korea

Lawyer with 10+ years of experience. Principal Partner at Veat Law. Attended Seoul National University with C.S. degree.

Ahn Il Un
Ahn Il Un, Legal Advisor, South Korea

Lawyer with 5+ years of experience. Senior Partner at Veat Law and Senior Developer at Naver Search Engine. Attended Yonsei University with C.S. degree.

Next Generation Stablecoin

Latest from Xank Project
Japan tech insider joins Xank advisory group.

Japan tech insider joins Xank advisory group.

Advisory Group

TOKYO, January 1, 2018 — Taguchi San brings a wealth of knowledge beyond Japan. Taguchi

Veat Law joins Xank advisory group.

Veat Law joins Xank advisory group.

Advisory Group

SEOUL, January 1, 2018 — This is a coup for Xank since Veat Law is

Xank becomes Amadeus Next startup.

Xank becomes Amadeus Next startup.


MADRID, October 9, 2017 — Amadeus is a Spanish conglomerate with 24.6B EUR market cap.

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