Xank Makes Waves at First Global Stablecoin Conference in London

T he Xank team are delighted to have attended at the First Stablecoin Conference, held at the illustrious Reform Club of London (October 25, 2018). The official name of the Conference is Stablecoins — Collaboration Towards Mass Adoption organized by Stable.Report. Xank was recognized as a leading component and a key contributor to the Stablecoin movement and community. The forum brought together Stablecoin issuers and stakeholders as well as blockchain industry influencers to collaborate on issues, exchange viewpoints, explore partnerships and generally raise public awareness on the path towards achieving a decentralized economy.

High-level managers and founders from Huobi, BitPay, Forctis, Corion, Xank and more participated in the discussions. The main topics focused on finding various ways to effectively move the industry forward, specifically shining a light on the path to mutually beneficial cooperation, joint training of government officials and journalists, along with legal issues concerning the Stablecoin industry.

Xank’s founding group team members participated as speakers in the panel discussions as well as orators and interviewees throughout the forum.

Xank CEO Ryan Kim was met by Bloomberg representatives at the conference and shared his thoughts, adding “Satoshi had a revolutionary philosophy of what money could be and stablecoins are carrying the torch forward for that vision.” He continued, “Stablecoin is here to stay because Bitcoin has become a speculative game, and it’s just too volatile to use for commerce.”

Xank CFO Sung Kim added that there was a general consensus to create a Self-Regulatory Organization for the Stablecoin industry, as they are likely to face some form of regulation, and that it’s better to be proactive and protect consumers from the onset.

The overarching theme of the meetings pivoted on regulatory aspects along with exploring methods for fostering mass adoption. An interview ensued with Bloomberg’s reporter Alastair Marsh at Bloomberg News L.P. located in London, (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-07/crypto-2-0-may-be-digital-cash-you-can-actually-use-to-buy-stuff).

Among the many prominent guests and lead speakers, Joel Telpner presided over the entire conference, a partner at Sullivan & Worcester and a highly sought-after legal advisor in the blockchain space. Other prominent speakers included Bjorn Alsos of Bitbay and Gregory Klumov, founder of Stasis, who both brought forward many new challenging concepts to the forum.

“Stablecoins could ultimately be used similarly to their fiat counterparts, but their success will be determined by how they can scale and how deep their liquidity can grow,” said Charlie Clarence-Smith, a lawyer at Pinsent Masons LLP in London who also attended the conference.

Overall, the conference proved a valuable opportunity for the exchange of experiences and viewpoints with key projects in the industry, to explore potential partnerships with other players in the field and to engage with investors. Beyond providing the Xank founding team with opportunities to appear as panelists, gain recognition, and spread their guiding philosophies, the conference proved invaluable for keeping abreast of the developments in the Stablecoin domain.


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