Xank Monthly Report June 2020


CoinMarketCap Listing

We are pleased to announce that Xank is now on CoinMarketCap! You can now search for Xank and check out our market pairs, price chart, and find other relevant information. 

Please click the below link to visit Xank’s page on CoinMarketCap.


Blockfolio and Delta Listing

In addition to our CMC listing, we’ve been added to the two most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracking applications, Blockfolio and Delta. You can now enter your Xank transaction data into these apps to see how your Xank tokens are performing.

Blockfolio: https://blockfolio.com/

Delta: https://delta.app/en

Events and Partnerships

1. Xank x Bananatok AMA and Airdrop (June 2 – 5)

In early June, the Xank team held our first online AMA in partnership with Bananatok. Xank’s CEO Ryu attended and shed light on Xank’s vision, cashback service, and roadmap. During the four days, we also held word quizzes and image games, rewarding hundreds of community members with Xank tokens for their active interest and participation.

2. New Xank Ambassadors (June 16 – 19)

As the first group of Xank Ambassadors saw their term come to an end, we recruited four new community ambassadors to represent Xank. The four will be providing community support and marketing for the next two months. Congrats to those who were selected – we’re grateful to have you guys!

3. Xank x MOU (June 24)

We had the privilege of announcing our newest partner, Bytesmix, just one week ago. Bytesmix and Xank will share technical knowledge for the improvement of Xank’s cashback wallet and development of Xank’s blockchain. In addition, we will make an effort to assist each other in marketing and partnerships.

Official blog post: https://xank.io/kr/blog/xank-signs-mou-with-bytesmix/

Blog Posts

In June, we published a blog post about how our Stable Pay mechanism functions with the help of the Xank Reserve. We also released a summary of our token distribution and lockup schedule.

1. Introducing the Xank Reserve

The Xank Reserve is an autonomous and self-funding body that enables Stable Pay transactions by calibrating the amount of Xank the recipient needs to preserve the fiat value of the Xank coins he receives. You can read more about the Xank Reserve here

2. Xank Token Distribution and Lockup Schedule

Tokenomics is one of the most important aspects of a cryptocurrency. In this post, we covered Xank’s token distribution and the lockup periods for team tokens, private sale, and public sale. Read the full post here

As we enter the second half of 2020, the Xank team is looking forward to what we can do for our community and ecosystem. We are nearing the completion and testing of our cashback service, so please sit tight for just a bit longer. Thank you!


Marketing director at xank.io.

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