Xank November Review

Hello Xank community,

As we march into the last month of 2019, we want to summarize what happened in the eventful month of November.


In the final week of November, Xank signed an MOU with Gifchu, an online social shopping platform. This partnership introduces Xank to thousands of shoppers, who will in the near future be able to swap their Gifchu loyalty points for Xank the cryptocurrency. We are in the midst of actively engaging with Gifchu to speed up the integration process. We expect to have a working product early next year (read more here).

Also in November, Xank secured a strategic partnership with Xangle, a global crypto asset disclosure platform that is bringing transparency to the market and helping make blockchain projects more understandable to traditional corporates and financial institutions. Xank intends to work with Xangle to provide both investors and institutions with disclosures on Xank’s progress (read more here).


People say that the more there is, the merrier it is. We are happy to announce that we have welcomed two new members to the Xank family.

Choi Young Rock – Lead Developer

Young Rock is a developer with more than 20 years of experience. He has worked with both public and private blockchains and has developed various useful blockchain applications, including a novel private blockchain protocol called VTTP, which is used on  VIA Chain, and a wallet for cross-border remittances and payments. Young Rock is a firm believer in turning ideas into reality through blockchain technology.

Andrew Leong – Strategy Advisor

Andrew has over 27 years experience in the ICT industry with a particular passion for healthcare and how ICT can make healthcare better, smarter, safer and more efficient. He is currently a Chief Technology Officer of St Vincent’s Health of Australia, and he runs a technology team that supports a group of 6 public hospitals, 10 private hospital and 20 aged care sites across Australia. Andrew will be advising Xank in business planning, operations, strategic planning, and partnerships.

We are excited for what we will accomplish to together with Young Rock and Andrew.

Token Sale

Our final token sale round is live! We are working with our token sale partner at Tokens Pot to give you the best experience. The sale ends on December 31, 2019, and you can refer to our manual here if you need some assistance.

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Upcoming Events

Xank will be operating a booth at the 2019 Techfin Asia conference held on December 5-6 at the KINTEX in Goyang, Korea.

Come by our booth and say hi – you may receive some free Xank goodies!





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We want to thank you guys for supporting us throughout the year, and we look forward to another action-packed month. Happy holidays!


Marketing director at xank.io.

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