Introducing Xank’s Cashback Service

The word “cashback” is commonly referred to the rewards customers receive after buying a product or paying for a service. Many of you have taken advantage of the various cashback platforms out there today.

With Xank, you can have a more special cashback experience.

Existing cashback services give users a percentage of their purchase amount back in the form of points or cash. Consequently, shoppers must repeatedly make purchases until they earn enough to spend or withdraw the rewards they receive.

Xank introduces a novel cashback model that is attractive for both businesses and consumers.

What’s in it for businesses?

Shopping malls globally are seeking new ways to attract users and grow their business. Xank opens up opportunities for these businesses to reach an audience of cryptocurrency users as well as people who are interested in earning crypto rewards. We expect a synergistic effect as we work with such companies.

Then what’s in it for consumers?

Consumers will be able to shop at some of their favorite online stores and receive cashback in the form of bitcoin and Xank. They will be able to gain access to these digital currencies and experience firsthand what it is like to own them.

How is Xank different?

First, the rewards are distributed in bitcoin and Xank. Bitcoin and Xank are cryptocurrencies that are traded globally, so they inherently have investment potential.

Second, investing is something that is hard to learn unless you experience it yourself. With the bitcoin and Xank that is given as cashback, shoppers will naturally be able to get a feel for what investing is like.

Third, Xank allows anyone to obtain cryptocurrencies without going through the grueling process of purchasing at an exchange. We keep it simple for you!

And finally, Xank’s unique wallet page enables you to see the performance of your cashback rewards in real-time. How have your bitcoin and Xank been doing? Log in to your Xank account and see for yourself!

Shop as you always have, but receive a special kind of cashback

Here are three easy steps you take to earn cashback with us:

  1. Sign up at our Xank website (to be launched) and visit our partnered online stores.
  2. Buy whatever you want or need.
  3. Receive cashback in bitcoin and Xank straight to your account.

We are excited about our cashback service and hope to have the product launch as soon as we can. We’ll keep you guys posted.

Thank you!


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