Xank Staking Event

Event duration: May 18, 2020, Monday 15:00 KST – May 31, 2020, Sunday 23:00 KST 

Maximum staking allocation per account: no maximum 

Join the XANK Staking Event

Stake XANK, Earn XANK

Users staking XANK on ProBit Exchange during the event duration will receive rewards according to the staking structure below

  • Staking rewards will be distributed daily starting 24 hours after the two week application period is over.
  • The minimum number of XANK tokens required for the 4 and 6-month programs will be reset daily at 10 AM (KST) during the staking application period in accordance with the market price of XANK.
  • Users will not be able to participate in multiple staking programs of XANK. Users will not be able to add more tokens to their staking pool once they apply for staking. Users will not be able to withdraw tokens once they apply for staking.
  • The staking principle will be returned to the user 60 days, 120 days, or 180 days after the date of application. This means some users will receive their staked XANK tokens back before the distribution of their staking rewards is over. For example, if a user applies for the 60 day staking program on May 18th, their staked XANK tokens will be returned 60 days from May 18th. However, since staking reward distribution begins after June 1st, the user will continue to receive his/her staking rewards until 60 days passes from June 1st.

 Terms & Conditions

  • The event rules and date can be subject to change or canceled under certain circumstances of ProBit Exchange and the project team without notice
  • ProBit Exchange reserves the final decision on the results.

Marketing director at xank.io.

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