Xank Wallet Surpasses 100,000 Users

As of today, Xank Wallet has more than 100,000 users. This represents a significant milestone in our growth, and we want to thank all of our users for making Xank Wallet one of the most popular coinback platforms in the world. It’s fantastic to see the overwhelmingly positive response from a global audience!

We’re so glad to report our Net Promoter Score for Xank Wallet is in and the score is 29! More than 500 people participated in this survey from around the world and 277 people from a total of 517 participants rated the Xank Wallet high 9-10 score out of 0-10 system, that’s a whopping 54%! This means 54% of you think very highly of our service and are very willing to recommend it to your friends and family. Xank you!

We do realize that more than 95% of our customers are from overseas and less than 5% of our affiliated stores are international and domestic to South Korea only. Therefore, in the coming months, we’ll add more overseas retailers and exchanges to accommodate our growing international customer base. So please stay tuned!

Happy Xanking!


Xank is the world’s first free-floating cryptocurrency with stable transactions and investment value.

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