About Xank

The first stable transaction coin
What is Xank?

Xank in a nutshell

If the ideal money is a currency that can reliably and concurrently serve as a medium of exchange, a store of value, a unit of account AND provide investment value, then it seems Xank has reached all the required attributes while providing for stablecoin functionality on a per-transaction basis.


Xank maintains a soft peg rather than a hard peg. This means that Xank transactions can be soft-pegged to any currency, including the IMF SDR.

Single-coin Architecture

There is only one coin in the Xank network, so users need not go through the complicated process of swapping coins.


Xank is independent of any central authority, organization, or governing body. 

Decentralized funding proposals are accepted and funded for

Projects Against:


Unclean Air

Unclean Soil

Unclean Water

Ethnicity or Disability

Religion or Ideology

Sex or Sexual Orientation

War and Military Buildup

Inflation and Quantitative Easing

Systemic Corruption



Big Houses

Food Waste

Xank's Mission

A better money

We see the current financial systems of the world plagued by poor monetary policies, corruption, and inflation – just to name a few of the problems are quietly hurting the unsuspecting. To solve this global phenomenon, cryptocurrencies, particularly stablecoins, promised decentralization, transparency, and ease of use, but they too have failed to accomplish what they’ve set to do.

As a borderless, decentralized, and meritocratically governed cryptocurrency, Xank’s mission is to serve as an alternative form of money for all the people of the world. Xank is the next evolution of stablecoin – Xank is the next evolution of money.

A Self-funded Treasury

For a better world

Xank is more than a cryptocurrency. Receiving a portion of the network’s block rewards, the Xank Treasury funds projects that battle oppression, pollution, and discrimination. Anyone can submit a proposal that is aligned with the Xank Constitution, and masternode operators cast votes on proposals they wish to fund. Proposals that get selected then receive funding to have a positive impact on the world!

Xank, the Ideal Money

Xank is the world’s first free-floating cryptocurrency with stable transactions and investment value.