Xank January Review

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T he first month of 2019 has flown right past us, and before we welcome February, we want to update the community on the latest Xank developments. The Xank team entered 2019 with refreshed hearts and renewed ambitions after a stellar 2018. We’ve been hard at work to build relationships with investors and the international community and are happy to deliver some good news today.

So, here is Xank’s January monthly review.




We are excited to announce that Xank has completed its second round of investments! Xank has received from a number of investors a sizable investment to be used for the development of Xank’s cryptocurrency. The funds will be devoted to:

  • The development of Xank’s cryptocurrency

The Xank cryptocurrency will initially be created on the Ethereum platform as an ERC-20 token, but we will migrate to our own blockchain with the launch of our main net and will conduct a token swap at the appropriate time. We are currently in talks with a talented dev team that will focus on the creation of the Xank token in the upcoming months. We expect to have more details on the timeline soon.

  • The development of Xank’s own wallet

Every great coin has its own wallet to facilitate the storage and transfer of assets. The Xank team will allocate funds for designing a multi-functional wallet for the easy management of multiple cryptocurrencies, starting with yours truly, Xank. We believe that user experience is critical to mass adoption, and we intend to produce a wallet that is uncomplicated, good-looking, and bug-free.

Social Media

We’ve been consistently expanding our social media presence with frequent updates and posts. Recently, we opened Xank’s official Steemit account and our very own Reddit subreddit! Those of you who are on Steemit and Reddit can now find Xank on these two platforms.

Here are the links to our other channels, so if you haven’t joined yet, make sure you click on the links and follow, subscribe, and like!


Recently, Xank was featured on two prominent Korean news outlets, Electronic Times and Seoul Economic Network. The papers covered Xank’s participation in last year’s London Stablecoin Conference. The articles are written in Korean, but if you want to check them out, here are the links:

January has been a great month, and we expect more good news to emerge in February. You’ll be the first to know when something new happens. Stay warm everyone!


Taguchi Yoshitaka, Xank’s senior advisor (Japan), is attending the 2019 Yokohama Japan Blockchain Conference (January 30–31), one of Japan’s largest blockchain events that also happens to be supported by numerous government ministries. Representing Xank at the conference, Taguchi San will connect with Japanese investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to enlighten them on the vision and virtues of our project. You can read more about the conference here.


Marketing director at xank.io.

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