Xank Wallet Surpasses 50,000 Users

As of today, Xank Wallet has more than 50,000 users. That means we’re adding 6,000 new users per week since the August launch — a 4000% jump in under two months! This represents a significant milestone in our growth, and we want to thank all of our users for making Xank Wallet the most popular coinback platform in South Korea. It has been a fantastic ride up to this point, and we could not be more excited to see where the future leads us together.

Our referral program bug at the code level has been fixed. For those of you who are not showing their referral bonuses automatically until now will be reinstated manually in the coming days from the system logs. This could take 2 to 3 more weeks. If your referral bonuses do not show up as Pending state at the end of this month, please report it on our help desk at https://help.xank.app

We’ll give you 10,000 won (about $10 USD) in XANK each time you refer someone to our platform. And when your friend signs up, he or she will get 10,000 won (about $10 USD) in XANK as a signing bonus! Both you and your friend need to incur 3,000 won (about $3 USD) worth of cashback for your referral bonus to be confirmed. 

How do you incur $3 in cashback for bonus confirmation? 

If you purchase $31 from AliExpress and received 9.8% in cashback, that’s over $3 in cashback! Our rewards are there to encourage the actual usage of our platform. The cashback is great because you’re not spending more than you usually would. You always get 20% in BTC and 80% in XANK coinback when you shop at your favorite online stores with us. 

Happy Xanking!


Xank is the world’s first free-floating cryptocurrency with stable transactions and investment value.

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