Xank Signs MoU with Woongjin Compass for Cashback Wallet Business

On January 21st, Xank and Woongjin Compass signed an MOU at Woongjin Compass’ office for its upcoming Bitcoin cashback rewards program.

Woongjin Compass, the publishing arm of Woongjin Group, is an English textbook creator and publisher that supplies textbooks and products to more than 70 countries. In addition to its textbook publishing, Woongjin Compass creates online digital content to enhance the learning experience for students all over the globe.

Xank, a price-fluctuating cryptocurrency with on-demand stablecoin functionality, has recently expanded its business into the wallet space to create a cryptocurrency wallet that allows shoppers to receive Bitcoin and Xank as cashback rewards for their shopping activities. The new cashback rewards system will allow people to earn bitcoin without going through the complicated process of buying on an exchange.

Woongjin Compass, which is preparing the launch of its online shopping mall, has agreed to come onboard Xank’s new cashback program. Woongjin Compass will be one of the first online platforms to partner with Xank to implement this new Bitcoin cashback program upon the release of Xank’s wallet, which is expected to happen in the first half of this year. 

When people shop on Woongjin Compass’ shopping mall through the Xank wallet, they will be paid back a certain percentage of the amount they spend in the form of Bitcoin and Xank, which will be sent directly to their Xank wallet account. Because the wallet will contain both storage and shopping features, users can experience cryptocurrencies while shopping with cash as they’ve always done.

Xank’s CEO Ryu Hyun Kim commented on this partnership: “This MoU with Woongjin Compass will introduce many shoppers to Bitcoin and Xank in a non-instrusive way. We are happy to take the first steps with a great company like Woongjin Compass.”

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