Xank Signs MOU with Bytesmix

On June 24th, Xank signed an MOU with Bytesmix for technical development.

Bytesmix is a software development and consulting company with an experienced team from well-known IT firms like Naver and ESTsoft. Bytesmix has been running its very own blockchain wallet and is also preparing to launch a dApp by the end of this year.

Xank, the free-floating stable transaction coin, has been making strides in the development of its cashback wallet, which is expected to officially launch in early July. Xank’s cashback wallet will enable users to receive cashback in the form of bitcoin and Xank whenever they shop at Xank’s partnered shopping malls. In addition to its cashback functionality, Xank plans to showcase its portfolio tracking feature, which lets users track the performance of the cryptocurrencies they receive as cashback.

Bytesmix and Xank will share technical knowledge for the improvement of Xank’s cashback wallet and development of Xank’s blockchain. In addition, the two will make an effort to assist each other in marketing and partnerships.

Xank’s founder Ryu commented on this partnership, “We are pleased to be able to collaborate with Bytesmix, who has displayed its technological prowess through its services. We look forward to making good progress with Bytesmix.”


Marketing director at xank.io.

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