Xank Reaches Cooperation Agreement with Jinhua Northeast Chamber of Commerce Federation

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We are pleased to announce that Xank has begun initial talks for cooperation with Jinhua Northeast Chamber of Commerce Federation, a Chinese merchant federation with about two thousand members that exports merchandise to countries all over the world. The official news article is published in Korean here, but we’ve also prepared a translation of the article here below.

Xank, the next generational stable transaction coin, has revealed on May 31st that it has reached a cooperation agreement with Jinhua Northeast Chamber of Commerce Federation on May 29th.

Xank met with the federation’s president, members, and employees to come to this agreement, and the two parties have expressed their goal to work together to usher in a new era of digital payments. Further details of this agreement are to be discussed and released as they develop.

Jinhua Northeast Chamber of Commerce Federation is an organization of about two thousand members who are representatives of manufacturing, trading, and logistics companies. Members of the federation are responsible for the production and distribution of general merchandise to the United States, South America, Asia, and the Middle East, gaining recognition as a world leader in the general merchandise market.

A Xank team member commented on the cooperation with the commerce federation, “We are looking to build a solid project through real partnerships. In the future, we will continue to propose various visions for stablecoins.”

Meanwhile, Xank, the world’s first stable transaction coin, was created to tackle the problem of price volatility, which has long hindered the usability and adoption of cryptocurrencies. As a free-floating cryptocurrency with price stable transactions, Xank has investment value while also serving as a stablecoin when necessary.

Because Xank’s price can go up and down like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the market forces of supply and demand determine the price of the cryptocurrency. Thus, it has potential value as an investment.

Furthermore, Xank’s Stable Pay feature allows anyone to possess, hold, and use the cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services. This on-demand price stabilization feature is something unique to Xank.

The Xank team member further stated, “Xank’s vision is to be an alternative currency that can be used by anyone in the world. We hope to be the next evolution of the stablecoin that improves upon the flaws of the world’s financial systems and create a better world.”

Moreover, Jinhua Northeast Chamber of Commerce Federation will be sending a committee to expand their market presence to the Central Asia region in conjunction with Xank’s efforts to build relationships in Uzbekistan.


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