Xank October Review

As we bid farewell to the Halloween festivities, we welcome in the month of thanksgiving: November. Looking forward to a month of turkey dinners and family reunions, we want to reflect on our activities in the month gone by and bring you news about what to expect this winter.


2019 STS&P Exhibition

As we covered in our previous blog post, Xank operated a booth and spoke at the 2019 STS&P Exhibition. As a blockchain project, we attended the 3-day event to inform people about how Xank, a public blockchain, intends to assist the United Nations in achieving its Sustainable Development Goals. You can watch Ryu’s presentation here and find out more about how the Xank Treasury funds projects and startups:


As many great nations have a guiding constitution, so does Xank. You may say, “Why does a cryptocurrency need a constitution?” We believe that for a project like ours to last, we need principles upon which the Xank governing body stands. This Constitution, as well as our Declaration of Unification, will steer us in the right direction.


We’ve recently opened our Kakao Open Chat, and the response we’ve gotten from our Korean community has been phenomenal. At the point of writing this post, we have 1,464 members in our group. We will make sure to communicate with you guys and host a lot of fun events (airdrops, giveaways, and more).

You can join the club here: https://open.kakao.com/o/gW3vPxJb

As always, we welcome you to join Xank’s other social channels!

Development Updates

Many of our community members have been curious as to how Stable Pay works. That is why we’ve been working on a demo web version of Stable Pay to give you an idea of how it would work in real life. Here’s a sneak peek at what our demo will look like (the live version will be much better, I promise).

Based on this demo, we will construct an ERC-20 wallet, with which you will be able to conduct real life Stable Pay transactions.

The Xank team will do our best to bring you only the best news. Thank you, and happy Friday!


Marketing director at xank.io.

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