Introducing Xank’s Lead Developer, Choi Young Rock

Today, we are pleased to introduce Xank’s lead developer Young Rock Choi. Young Rock (no, he isn’t a rapper, although he may spit fire in his free time), is a developer, architect, forward thinker, and leader with 20 years of experience in gaming, online business, and most importantly, blockchain.

Young Rock will apply his creative mind and technological skillset to push forward with the development of the Xank blockchain and wallet. As lead developer, he will serve as leader for Xank’s development team.

Here are some of Young Rock’s notable accomplishments:

  • in 2019, he invented a new private blockchain called VIA Chain, which implements the VTTP protocol, also created by Young Rock and his team. On VIA Chain, he has built a wallet for cross-border payments and remittances
  • in 2018, he developed a private blockchain for a local cryptocurrency 
  • in 2014, he started an Ethereum-based lottery service called Lotto World, where he applied smart contracts for the selection of lottery winners and automatic payments to the winners

Why Xank?

When asked why he decided to join Xank, Young Rock replied, “I believe that Xank, a public blockchain, is a meaningful and proper application of blockchain technology. I wish to use my abilities to develop this blockchain and in turn contribute to a better society as envisioned by the Xank team.”

Welcome Young Rock, and we are excited to accomplish much more together!


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