Faisal Khan

Bitcoin is acting as the New hedge against the Global Liquidity Risk

5 Charts showing the emerging role of Bitcoin as a hedge in the 21st Century What a relentless recovery has the Crypto kingpin Bitcoin staged in the past 10 weeks or so as it finally broke the all-important $10K psychological level, last seen in Mar. 2018. Not only that, the FOMO (Fear of missing out) factor...
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6 Charts Showing the Stable Coins Rise and China’s Dominance of Global Demand

Stable Coins are still popular as Chinese appetite dominates Some of the most recent reports on Cryptocurrency trading volume have concluded that most of the demand is coming from the U.S. & select global exchanges. However, this hasn’t lessened the concern of the U.S regulators about the Bitcoin price manipulation. Previewing the data about the...
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The Skewed Distribution of Wealth

The household wealth varies greatly across the Global financial spectrum depending on where you live, access to financial services & markets literacy.
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