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The Next Evolution of Stablecoin

With Intrinsic Investment Properties

Xank Reserve

The Xank Reserve mechanism calibrates Stable Pay transactions to maintain the fiat denominated peg during the transaction’s lifecycle. The reserve is self-funded by a percentage of the block reward.

Masternode Vote Weighting

Masternodes will establish a Self Sovereign Identity score that is awarded by other stakeholders based on a Meritocratic Reputation Index. They can operate as many nodes as they want, but they can only establish one voting seat.

IMF SDR Stability

Simulated pegging for the purposes of data acquisition to the IMF’s SDR, which is a basket of the world’s major currencies, eliminates any individual fiat currency price volatility.

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Why Xank?

Xank is the first DAO treasury-backed, stability assured crypto-currency.

Stable Pay

Xank users can choose stablecoin functionality on a per-transaction basis. Stable Pay transactions are calibrated through the Xank Reserve mechanism ensuring price-stability in fiat denominated terms.

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Self Funded Treasury

The Xank Treasury will be funded directly from block rewards and ensure the perpetual development and promotion of the cryptocurrency.

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Meritocratic Governance

Mirroring the Bridgewater Idea Meritocracy, Xank stakeholders earn voting weight by building up their reputation among other stakeholders through the Self Sovereign Identity score and Reputation Index mechanism.

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The Team

The People behind all this

Ryan Kim

Founder & CEO

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience. He founded Hycom Data Communications Inc. when he returned to Seoul from Silicon Valley with virtually nothing and IPO’ed it on Kosdaq, South Korean stock market twelve years later. He got into Bitcoin in 2015, after realizing that blockchain is the next internet.

Ellie Kim

Co-Founder & CSO

Ellie founded Hycare Systems Inc. and worked on Ajou University Hospital, Inha University Hospital, and Yonsei Severance Hospital. She helped in setting up Trak Systems Asia with a partner in Austrailia. She is blockchain architect and attended Yonsei University with a Computer Science degree.

Billy Choi

Co-Founder & CTO

Billy’s technical sales and marketing experience include work as a senior consultant at IBM, HP, and PTC. He is now an avid believer in blockchain technology and an active developer. He attended Yonsei University with a Mechanical Engineering degree and completed MBA program in e-Commerce at aSSIST.

Sung Kim

Co-Founder & CFO

Sung Kim’s finance experience includes work as an equity derivatives analyst at Morgan Stanley and a portfolio manager at Wilshire Asset Management. He is now an avid believer in blockchain technology and an active writer. He attended University of Southern California with a Business Administration degree.


Who Want to Change the World
Hwang Yong Seung
Hwang Yong Seung, Technical Advisor, South Korea

Hwang Daepyo is a technology sector insider with 35+ years of experience in South Korea. He is a former CIO of Korean Air and Hanjin Shipping, two of the largest logistics companies in Korea. He attended Korea University with a mathematics degree.

Taguchi Yoshitaka
Taguchi Yoshitaka, Senior Advisor, Japan

Taguchi San is a technology sector insider with 30+ years of experience in Japan. He is a former VP of EDS Japan and CEO of Gartner Japan, leading American information technology companies. He attended Tokyo University of Science with a mechanical engineering degree.

Lim Chang Beom
Lim Chang Beom, Legal Advisor, South Korea

Lim Byeon is a Korean lawyer. He passed the 50th Judicial Examination in 2008, completed the 40th Judicial Research and Training Institute, and studied the corporate law at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. He worked as an in-house lawyer at SK Networks Co. Ltd., Coupang Inc. Since 2017, he has worked as a representative lawyer for the Start Law Firm, and he has a second level E-commerce certificate.

Chung Dong Hwa
Chung Dong Hwa, Legal Advisor, South Korea

Chung Byeon is a Korean lawyer. He received bachelor’s degree from Hanyang University, master degree in civil litigation law from Korea University. He passed the 6th lawyer examination. He has work experience in Otis Elevator Ltd., SK Networks Co., Ltd., and Law firm Hanmack. Since 2017, he has worked as a partner lawyer in Start Law Firm.

Saerom Choi
Saerom Choi, Technical Advisor, United States

Saerom is a mobile game developer using Java and C languages. Her programming experience includes work as an AI researcher at Cornell University. She is now an avid believer in blockchain technology and attended Cornell University with Bachelor and Master’s Computer Science degrees.

Lee Sun Jae
Lee Sun Jae, Marketing Advisor, China

Sun is a cultural industry consulting expert who creates diverse and creative ideas for cultural industries. He has extensive monetization experience through the production, execution, and distribution of innovative companies in Greater China and South Korea. He is a current Korean Representative of SD Asia.

Sun Huan Huan
Sun Huan Huan, Strategic Advisor, China

Sun Huan Huan is a cultural sector insider who is 6th generation Chinese entrepreneur. She is a Founder and CEO of Beijing Da Huan Pictures and Whale chain, leading Chinese companies. She invests in Blockchain and Cultural industries.

Kim Byung Doo
Kim Byung Doo, Marketing Advisor, South Korea

BD is an influential opinion leader with 33+ years of IT experience in South Korea. He is a former VP of HP Korea and GM of PTC Korea, two prominent American companies. He attended Seoul National University and KAIST with bachelor’s and master’s Industrial Engineering degrees.

The Next Evolution of Stablecoin

Latest from Xank Project
Token Sale Paper is available in Hindi and Traditional Chinese.

Token Sale Paper is available in Hindi and Traditional Chinese.


SEOUL, July 23, 2018 — Token Sale Paper is now available in Hindi and Traditional

Xank becomes WeWork Labs startup.

Xank becomes WeWork Labs startup.


NEW YORK, July 2, 2018 — WeWork Labs is the startup accelerator arm of WeWork, a

Start Law joins Xank advisory group.

Start Law joins Xank advisory group.

Advisory Group

SEOUL, June 1, 2018 — You will be hard-pressed to find a truer startup friendly

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